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             Jinzhou Special Welding Electrode Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1993, is located in Taihe District,Jinzhou City,Liaoning Province, is one of largest special welding consumable manufacturer.
            Crownalloy is the product brand of JTH (Jinzhou Special Welding Electrode Co.,Ltd.). JTH have more than 200 kinds of products. The real annual output is 3,000 metric tons MMA electrodes, FCW 3,000 metric tons, solid wire 5,000 metric tons and flux 1,500 metric tons. The welding consumables of JTH are as below.

            Stainless steel consumables, low temperature steel consumables, heat resistant steel consumables, Nickel and Nickel alloy consumables, hardfacing consumables, Nickel cast iron consumables, copper and copper alloy consumables, aluminum alloy consumables, and special welding consumables.
            JTH (Crownalloy) welding consumables are widely used in boiler, pressure vessel, chemical machinery, metallurgical machinery, ship, nuclear and military industries, hydro and thermal station.JTH(Crownalloy) welding consumables have good quality and enjoy high reputation,and are salable in over 28 provinces and regions in China and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa and America.

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